Spare parts


Letter Box Keys

If you require additional or replacement letter box keys please contact THE SAFETY LETTERBOX COMPANY LTD ( RENZ UK ) with the following information:
•       Key number:
•       Number of keys required:
•       Address of the mailbox:
•       Delivery address (different to mailbox if no access):
•       Method of payment (telephone, proforma invoice or BACS transfer):

Cost is currently, £17.40 for one key £30.60 for two keys (includes VAT and first class delivery)


If you require additional fobs, please contact who will be able order for you.  Cost currently is £25/fob.

Ceiling light bulbs – Kitchen & Living Room

You can find these light bulbs on the Led Bulbs & Amazon


Refrigerator spare parts

You can buy spare parts on the Zanussi website –

Bathroom light bulbs

Although we cannot advise on current pricing, the bulbs we have noted are being used are 4 pin, 2d, 28w bulbs. The bulbs come in two sizes and you will likely require the large of the two however, we advise that you check the measurements before placing an order.

You can find them on eBay or Amazon and also Wilko



Bathroom Switch Replacement


One of the places to purchase a replacement light switch is Screwfix: here is the link


Extractor Fan Filter

One of the places to replace the filter for the extractor fan is…

Door Handles

You can get a replacement for your door handle at…