Notting Hill Residents

We have created a page for Notting Hill Residents, where everything that is applicable only to Notting Hill Residents will be posted here. As Notting Hill is the leaseholder decisions will be made directly with the leaseholder as per the process. In these instances, it’s the leaseholders responsibility to notify their tenants and not the management team, so please address your concerns/queries to your leaseholder where applicable, details below

Chidi Mbanude – Housing Officer. Office: 0203 815 0866 | email:

Contact Information

Merton refuse information Council bulky items collection service

Merton council can collect your larger items please contact Merton direct using the link below.

If you see fly tipping at Brenley Park you can report this anonymously below:


Brenley Park Waste

For your waste information including collection days

Incorrectly parked vehicle’s

If you notice a vehicle parked incorrectly you are able to report this directly to our parking contractor PCM below using the postcode CR4 1GE.

report an incorrectly parked vehicle

Safer Brenley Park

Please see below two letters with contact details for reporting anything suspicious on Brenley Park – anti social behavior, drugs, loitering of people, dog attacks etc…waste information including collection days

SNT – Suspicious Anitsocial Behaviour

SNT – Local Police Information

Newsletters & Important Information

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