Your Home

Below are some posts which we hope you will find helpful while maintaining your home. The methods and products within the posts have been tested by residents themselves and recommendations are specific to the needs of Brenley Park.


Merton Council bulky items collection service

Merton council can collect your larger items please contact Merton direct using the link below.

  • large electrical appliances (such as an oven, fridge, freezer, dishwasher)
  • televisions and computer monitors
  • furniture (such as a bed, sofa, armchair, wardrobe)
  • roll of carpet/underlay

Merton Council Recycling your furniture, fridges and other bulky items

Book a bulky waste collection

Brenley Park Refuse Information

Refuse information, collection days etc

If you see someone fly tipping you can report it anonymously using the link below


Permit team contact information

Permits from PCM

Purchasing Visitors Scratch Card Permits

Visitor bay process

Reporting Any vehicle(s) Parked Incorrectly

If you notice a vehicle parked incorrectly you are able to report this directly to our parking contractor PCM below using the postcode CR4 1GE.

Report vehicle parked incorrectly

Safer Brenley Park

Please use the link below to report any issue to our local SNT with as many details as possible. What is happening? Where is it happening? What time did it happen? Who is involved? If possible take pictures and add them to the report. The more information you can provide the greater the chances of action being taken.

Contact Your Local Policing Team Reporting Link

Please see below two letters with contact details for reporting anything suspicious on Brenley Park – anti social behavior, drugs, loitering of people, dog attacks etc…

SNT – Local Police Informationhttps:

SNT – Suspicious Anitsocial Behaviour

SNT – Local Police Information

Advice from Royal Mail and the Met Police about being more vigilant as theft from mail boxes has increased in the run up to Christmas.  A few key things all can do in being vigilant

  • Empty your mail boxes daily
  • If post is sticking out of your neighbours post box, push it in.
  • Arrange for a neighbour to pick up your post when you go on holiday
  • Report suspicious behaviour to your Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0208 649 3603 or 101

Noise Nuisance

If you would like to report a noise nuisance you are able to report this directly to Merton Council below.

Report a noise nuisance to Merton Council

Tips for Fraud Prevention

Tips for Fraud Prevention

Water Information

Burst Pipe Emergency

Gas Like Smell

There is a site on Beddington Lane that processes waste and often gives off a very gas like smell. If you have any concerns with the smell and not sure if it’s from the plant or a gas leak, please contact the National Grid on 0800 111 999 and not the police. If you do report and there is concern that it’s not from the plant, please contact and if you’re on the WhatsApp information group, please also post a message here.

What to do if you find mice in your home

What to Do After You Find a Mouse

Letter box

A suggestion to help with letterboxes with post being removed was given by a leaseholder and a few have taken this precaution. It’s not 100% fail safe, however, it does seem to have helped those who have done this.

Please find below and updated version of securing your letterbox with longer brushes.  Again, this isn’t a 100% fail safe, however, the post man was impressed with this new suggestion and also hopes it will help with the issues being experienced across England with theft from letterboxes.

Securing Letterbox DIY Suggestion

Solutions pack

We have put together a handy pack explaining some solutions that can be used within flats for additional storage etc… BPML Brenley Park Solutions

Balcony Information pack

With the gorgeous weather and seeing so many of you maintaining your balconies & terraces over the last few weeks, we hope the Balcony Decking Care Pack will assist you in your maintenance and care.  Please don’t forget your ground floor neighbor if you have a balcony as your water/dirt will filter through to their patio… BPML Balcony Decking Care Pack

Additionally, we have sourced the following product which can assist with protecting the wood on your balcony or decking areas:

Health & Safety Pack

We have created the following pack to assist with some health and safety issues we have on the development which you can help us to minimise by adhering to the simple instructions set out in the pack… BPML Health & Safety Pack